• CTM20 Digital Leaderboard

    The course this year is a touch shorter than previous years so will NOT be recognised as a record should times be beaten.

    For ease & accuracy, this year ONLY, we are using the age groups as per Strava.

    34 years and Under

    35- 44 years

    45 - 54 years


  • Rules

    Only those registered and paid will show on the leaderboard.

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    • If two or more challengers post the same winning time, the first person to record will be declared the winner
    • You must be registered and a member of our Strava club to claim prizes etc
    • If you complete the challenge but your name doesn't appear on the leaderboards please check you are registered. If you are registered, then please send me a message so I can fix the error
    • Runners, check your activity is set to "run"  not walk.
    •  Ensure you start near the turnoff at Frenchville Rd - not at the new carpark on Pilbeam Dr        


  • Results as at 27th August (starts on 15th to 29 August)


    Female Cyclists Debra Minor 30:31

    Male Cyclists: Glen Chadwick 19:46

    Female Runner: Emily Barton 30:10

    Male Runner: Joseph Duckmanton 31.03


    Female Cyclists 34 and Under.





    Female Runner 34 and under

    1st Emily Barton 30:10

    2nd Shannen Stone 49:32

    3rd Mel Clark 53:54

    Male Cyclists 34 and under

    1st Rhys Jones 22:17

    2nd Lawson Wotley 23:01

    3rd Joe Harrel 23:32

    Male Runner 34 and under

    1st Joseph Duckmanton 31:03

    2nd Joel Johnson 31:48

    3rd Eli James 34:23

    Female Cyclists 35-44

    1st Tayna Davenport 43:54



    Female Runners 35-44

    1st Shannon Rufus 40:17

    2nd Emma Walker 46:03

    3rd Carolyn Overy 52:25

    Male Cyclists 35-44

    1st Glen Chadwick 19:41

    2nd Jason Paull 21:56

    3rd John Wood 32:57

    Male Runners 35-44

    1st Ashley Knight 32:11

    2nd Mark Cations 32:57

    3rd Lindsay Butcher 35:33

    Female Cyclists 45-54

    1st Debra Minor 30:31



    Female Runners 45-54

    1st Karen Sharman 32:31

    2nd Debra Minor 39:10

    3rd Merrilee Adamski 41:07

    Male Cyclists 45-54

    1st Wayne Whitfield 22:36

    2nd Kyle Brannigan 30:12

    3rd Jonathon Lill 48:36

    Male Runner 45-54

    1st Steve Williamson 36:01

    2nd Peter Gorden 37:20

    3rd Justin Morgan 38:19

    Female Cyclists 55+

    1st Sharon Kearney 46:48



    Female Runners 55+

    1st Cheryl Bookallil 48:33

    2nd Helen Elaurant 48:56

    3rd Kym Treacy 53:22

    Male Cyclists 55+

    1st Paul Smith 25:02

    2nd Joe Adair 28:15

    3rd Ray Minor 29:11

    Male Runners 55+

    1st Bruce Manly 34:22

    2nd Kevin Gleeson 39:16

    3rd Craig Elaurant 40.27


    1st Terry Ansell 3 hours 34 minutes



  • Course Records

    All set last year!

    CTM19 results



    Maria Luz POBLETE 24:46.29 (COURSE RECORD)
    Victoria GILLLIES 27:25.21
    Nicole KEILY 29:16.08


    Brody ALLISON 22:11
    Jason PAULL 22:46



    Grace SYPHER 30:33.57 (COURSE RECORD)

    Emily BARTON 31:56.88
    Lisa HURRING 33:04.35

    Jack POWELL 24:18.468 (COURSE RECORD)
    Jayden MILLS 27:48.65

    Matt WALTER 28:15.2

    RECORD Steve Moneghetti (Ambassador) 23:43