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    How do I collect my race pack?

    Race packs can only be collected on Saturday 7th September from 9:00 am at the start line- Pilbeam Dr turnoff.

    Can I pick up a race pack for someone else?

    Providing you have a printed copy of the person’s race confirmation or written consent, this won't be a problem.

    How do I wear my race bib?

    Runners/walkers are asked to pin their race number to the front of their shirts. Cyclists are to cable tie their race number to the front of their bike with the ties supplied. This is to help identify competitors in photographs.

    Is the race officially timed?

    It sure is - we will have timing mats at the start, at the Under 11 start, and end of the course.

    Do I need to take my own water with me?

    You are more than welcome to carry your own hydration, but we will have 3 drink stations on course that will supply water.

    Can I leave my car at the top of the mountain?

    Absolutely! We encourage you to organize to leave a car at the top of the mountain so you have your own transport to get back to the bottom - we recommend carpooling where possible due to limited car parking at the top. Just remember that road closures on the mountain will be enforced at 2:30pm - which means no cars up or down. So you will need to organize your car drop off well before 2:30pm.

    How do I get to the start line?

    You have a few ways to get to the start line.

    1. Have someone drop you there.

    2. Cyclists can ride there......and runners/walkers can run/walk too if you like which will be a great way to warm up! The distance from the school to the start line is about 2km.

    3. JUNIOR COMPETITORS - must be dropped at their start lines - this transport needs to be arranged by the child's guardian.

    How do spectators get to the top?

    Spectators are welcome to catch one of the free buses from the new carpark on Pilbeam Dr to the top of the mountain (between 12-2:00pm), or anywhere along the course. There are a lot of excellent places to watch from. A bus can pick you up from designated points after the race finished to take you to the top.

    My child is competing as a junior competitor, do I need to stay with them?

    We ask that parents arrange transport to the start line for their child (U14's start at the saddle which is half way up and U11's start 1.1km from the top of the mountain).

    It is required that all U11 competitors are accompanied by an adult the whole way up the mountain. U14 competitors are able to compete without an accompanying adult. There will be personal trainers and other adults to help supervise and support the junior competitors at their respective start lines.

    I want to have my belongings and warm clothes taken to the top of the mountain?

    Absolutely!!! It will be cold on top of the mountain, so you will need warm clothes and some money for food and drinks! There will be a bag check facility at the Registration Tent at the start line. Bags will need to be checked in at the bag drop between 9am-2pm on Saturday. This can be done by pulling the bag label of your bib and attaching it to your bag. (Not sure what to do.....just ask when you drop your bag off). Bags will then be trucked to the top of the mountain where you can collect after you finish your race. You will need to show your bib to be able to collect your bag.

    What time does my race start?

    There will be a race briefing at the start line at the bottom of the mountain at 2:50pm for aspiring competitors (runners, walkers, cyclists and teams). It is required that all competitors (with the exception of juniors) attend this briefing. Race briefing for accomplished and open athletes is at 3:20pm.

    Racing will then commence with aspiring (and juniors) competitors at approx 3pm, accomplished competitors at 3:30pm and open competitors at 4:00pm.

    How will I get back down the mountain?

    For safety reasons, the road will remain closed until the last competitor reaches the top - we anticipate this will be around 5:30 – 6:00pm. There will be no exception to this. Once the road has been opened traffic can leave the top of the mountain (although we encourage you to stay and party with us on top of the mountain!!) We encourage you to arrange your own transportation down the mountain, however, if you don't have your own arrangements we will have some limited bus transportation to get you back to Frenchville Rd. Bikes must go down aboard on the same car as the owner. Limited carrier space on the back of a vehicle is available. Please let us know if you need assistance to get your bike down. We only have a small number of buses - so please be patient! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE IS IT PERMITTED THAT CYCLISTS RIDE BACK DOWN THE MOUNTAIN. THERE WILL BE TRAFFIC CONTROL IN PLACE.

    What will be at the top of the mountain?

    For competitors, there will be a recovery area with fruit and water. We will have plenty of food and drinks (and a bar) for purchase at the top of the mountain. We would love you to stay, enjoy presentations with Anna Meares, Jack Wilson & Peter Reaburn, live music, and celebrate all our mountain has to offer!

    Will it be cold at the top of the mountain?

    In past years it has been a little bit chilly at the top of the mountain when the sun starts to set. But never fear, we’ve got you covered this year. There will be space blankets and fires to keep you warm so that you can stay and enjoy the night! Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes and have them left in a car at the top, with spectators or packed at the bag check facility.

    What if I need help while I am going up the mountain?

    If you have any questions or require medical assistance while going up the mountain please approach one of the CTM volunteers that will be identified by a fluro vest or the SES who will be located at 1km intervals up the mountain. Medical assistance will also be available at the saddle and top of the mountain.

    What are we supporting by entering Challenge the Mountain?

    Funds raised by Challenge the Mountain are used to improve the infrastructure on Mt Archer. So far we have installed 2 water taps, one at the bottom and one near Elida St turnoff. Four seats along Pilbeam Drive have also been installed to encourage more people to enjoy the walk-up.