Have you got what it takes?

    Challenge the Mountain and be in the running to win up to $1,200!

    Saturday, 5 September 2020

    Mount Archer, Rockhampton


    Celebrating its sixth year, Challenge The Mountain is one of Queensland's most iconic mountain challenges for both runners and cyclists. Offering an unrelenting 5km timed rate at a 10% gradient, the challenge has distinguished itself as the richest road cycling race in the world (per kilometre).


    Catering for all levels and ages in both running and cycling events, this unique community event sees runners and cyclists start side by side and tackle Mount Archer. There are multiple cash prizes up for grabs, including $1,200 for the fastest Male and Female cyclist and runner.


    After the race, enjoy good vibes with good friends with live music, food and bonfires on offer at the top of the mountain.


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  • Registrations Opening Soon

    This event caters to everyone who wants to challenge the mountain. Whether you want to go hard and race it, or join with your friends and soak up the atmosphere, there are categories for everyone.


    Online entries only - no race day registration

    Entries close Midnight Thursday 3 September

  • Accomplished

    Entry Fee $65

    Race for prize money based on your age

    This category includes the original "Open" category. We have now combined the two.

    Prizes in this category will be awarded to 1st ($200 value), 2nd ($100 value) and 3rd ($50 value) place per age-based category (ages 14-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, & 60+ years) for males and females in the cycle and run. As well as an additional $500 (cash) for the fastest time per category and a bonus $500 (cash) if you break the existing record.

    • Entry fee includes a free event shirt.
    • Competitors with the fastest time in this category WILL be awarded King/Queen of the mountain and set race records.
    • Individual starts, Runner and Cyclist side by side


    Entry Fee $35

    Walk, run or cycle for fun

    • There are no cash prizes for this category and no free apparel
    • Children under 14 may walk/run if accompanied by an adult
    • Children under 14 may not cycle
    • Mass start


    Entry Fee $30

    For those wanting an easier option, start at the saddle

    • Approx 3km
    • There are no cash prizes for this category and no free apparel
    • Buses available for transport to the saddle (where our water tank is located) from the start line
    • Mass start
    • Grab some friends - at least 8 - and register as a group. 


    Entry Fee $100

    Get a team together and compete - perpetual trophy awarded

    • 5 per team, at least one male and one female
    • Must carry a rope, 15 metres long and 10 kg's  (roughly)
    • All to stay attached to the rope at all times
    • Apparently, matching shirts help!  Oh, and you must smile all the way!


    Entry Fee $20 Accompanying Adult $15

    Three Categories - Elida St up, Under 11 and Under 14

    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Under 11 & Under 14 will receive a unique CTM medallion. Elida St Up is not timed - $10 entry for the little ones!
    • All participants will receive a memento of the event
    • There are no cash prizes for junior events
    • Elida St up start at Elida / Pilbeam Drive corner.
    • Under 11's start 1.2 km from the finish line, at the last green pump station. All Challengers in this category must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18
    •  Under 14's start at the saddle, approx. 3 km
    • Parents are encouraged to drop their Under 14 Junior Challengers off at the appropriate race start position, but if unable, there will be transport with event personnel from the new carpark on Pilbeam Drive - look for the sign "Junior Challengers meet here"
    • Personal trainers will be at race start to ensure our juniors are well warmed up and ensure they have a positive experience
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    Startline Photos - Credit Cherryandjun Photography

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    Saturday from 9:00am till race start

    Please bring race confirmation email and/or identification


    Written by Professor Peter Reaburn, author of "The Masters Athlete"

    Running Program - Click here                               Cycling Program - Click here


    Please check before race day for the latest updates

    When: Saturday 5th September 2020

    Where: Mt Archer, Rockhampton

    Start Line: Cnr. Frenchville Rd & Pilbeam Drive

    Course Info: 5 km at 10% Gradient



    9.00am-3.00pm - race bag collection at start line

    3.00pm - challenge begins

    5.30pm - presentations and after party on top of the mountain



    Race preparation and access to the summit

    Pilbeam drive will be open till 2.30pm to allow car access to the top of the mountain. Drive up with your bike (and warm clothing for the festivities after the event) and ride safely down the mountain in readiness for your race. There will be no vehicle traffic after 2:30pm, and you are advised to have your car parked at the summit or base of the mountain by this time.


    If you do need to leave early, the road will reopen to traffic around 5.00 pm (or when the last participant arrives at the top of the mountain). To ensure you have a timely departure off the mountain, if you need to depart as soon as the road reopens, we would encourage you to arrange your own transport back to the bottom as the buses will not be leaving until they are full (there may also be a wait if the demand for buses is high). While there is ample parking at the top of the mountain we do encourage carpooling to ensure everyone is able to be accommodated.


    Challenge Rules

    These apply to all participants


    Waiver - Civil Liberties Act 2003

    Challenge the Mountain requires a good level of fitness. You must be physically fit and have trained sufficiently to participate in and complete the event.


    You agree to participate in this event at your own risk and to indemnify and keep indemnified the Challenge the Mountain Committee and the Rockhampton Regional Council against all claims, suits, actions or demands which may be brought in respect of any injury or other loss sustained by me/us or anyone participating in Challenge the Mountain and agree to exonerate Challenge the Mountain committee and the Rockhampton Regional Council from all responsibility and from all loss or injury to any person due to alleged liability or otherwise.


    All participants:

    • Must follow instructions handed out by CTM committee and SES volunteers.
    • Everyone must register on Saturday  (rego open 9.00 am till 2.30 pm) to pick up race numbers, cowbells, and event bag - registration is at the start line on Pilbeam Drive turnoff
    • Cyclists must wear properly fastened Australian Standard approved helmets at all times during the race and have their bikes checked by a CTM mechanic
    • Race bibs to be attached to FRONT of athlete/bike (using supplied zip ties) - this helps identify you for commentators and in photos
    • Age is taken as at first day of the year
    • Apparel is available for purchase till 12th July 

    Race Day Tips

    • Bring warm clothes! It can get cool at the top. We will be operating a "bag drop", so drop off your warm clothes at rego and we will transfer them to the top of the mountain. Rug up after the race!
    • There will be buses to take spectators to various points along Frenchville Road, and back to Pilbeam Drive after presentations. Buses leave from the new Carpark near the start line.
    • A  car with a bike rack will be available to bring bikes back to the starting area after presentations - you must accompany your bike back down. We do urge cyclists to arrange your own transport.  Also, pack your warm clothes so they will be readily available!
    • Be well warmed up before the race starts.
    • Bring a TORCH! 
    • Enjoy the atmosphere - encourage those around you.
    • Bring your supporters - give them your cowbell to ring! (loudly)

    Challenge the Mountain Cyclists Bus Transport

    The Challenge the Mountain Committee encourages all cyclists to use the designated service if you need to transport your bike down the mountain to ensure safe passage back to Pilbeam Drive. The road is in a state of repair in places and this, together with buses, cars, fatigue, cooler temperatures and wildlife late in the afternoon, make it quite dangerous to descend the mountain on your bike.


    Please note: race insurance does not cover anyone descending the mountain on their bikes after the race has finished.