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    Please support our sponsors - without them, this event would not happen.

    Rockha​mpton regional council

    Platinum Sponsor

    The Rockhampton Regional Council are again CTM's paramount sponsor in 2018. In addition to generous funding, the RRC with the tireless efforts of Councillor Neil Fisher have worked closely with the CTM committee to ensure the event is a resounding success. Our key objective of improving the recreational appeal of Mt Archer would not be possible without the active support of Neil and the council.

    CQ Physio

    Every age, Every lifestyle, everybody

    CQ Physio Group provides physiotherapy, massage, exercise physiology and dietetic services as well as work with a wide range of other allied health therapists under the one roof to provide a holistic and seamless health service. CQ Physio Group is quality accredited though Quality In Practice.

    CQ Physio Group has evolved from a single practice, originally known as Rockhampton Physiotherapy Centre. Rockhampton Physiotherapy Centre had been established for twenty-four years, originally situated in Alma Street and then William Street before expanding to larger purpose-built premises at 1 Kent Street, Rockhampton in 2009. The move to Kent Street has been integral in attracting and retaining new physiotherapists to the region, allowing for the provision of a wide range of services, second to none in Rockhampton.

    CQ Physio Group employs 18 physiotherapists, a dietitian, 2 exercise physiologists and a massage therapist and enjoys strong working relationships with our subleases to enable us to integrate allied health services. This ensures we succeed in our goal of helping people to meet their physical potential throughout life.

    Rockhampton Building Approvals

    Gold Sponsor

    Rockhampton Building Approvals offer a high level service across a comprehensive range of professional services which include: Building Approvals, progress Inspections and Pre-Lodgement Advice.

    Frenchville Sports Club

    Gold Sponsor

    Frenchville Sports Club is one of Central Queensland's largest and well known community clubs, with a long, extensive and proud history of community involvement and contributions. The aim of the club's involvement is to provide financial opportunities.

    Kelco Accountants

    Gold Sponsor

    Kelco Accountants enjoy a broad range of clients from all walks of life. Many years of experience in preparing Financial Statements & Income Returns, Accounting and Taxation services all types of entities, from sole traders to superannuation funds, both large and small.

    Proprietor: Penny Kelly


    Gold Sponsor

    We're here to help!

    We put our hand up to support a variety of initiatives and community projects across the Central Queensland region, because we’re dedicated to supporting our community and the people we share it with.


    JRT Group – Developing the Future

    JRT has completed major projects in the Central Queensland region and further west to the coalfields, covering heavy and civil engineering construction, earthworks and maintenance.

    JRT Group is one of Central Queensland’s leading civil contractors. Call or email us to make an appointment and find out how we can help you complete your next major project.

    Brittany Lauga MP

    Gold Sponsor

    In 2018 we once again have the support of Member for Keppel - Brittany Lauga. Thanks Brittany for getting behind this wonderful event and your community.

    The Investment Collective

    Silver Sponsor

    The Investment Collective is financial services business with offices in Rockhampton and Melbourne. We aim to make the complicated world of finance accessible and easy to understand. Previously known as Capricorn Investment Partners and the Pentad Group, we rebranded in late 2017. Now our name better reflects what we’re all about; providing a collaborative, stress-free approach to your finances.



    Adz Power Agencies


    Take your business to the next level through the use of website design, advertising & marketing including social media plus logo design and print design with Adz Power Agencies.


    At Adz Power Agencies, we'll introduce you and your business to opportunities in media and online.



    Giant Bike Shop - Rockhampton


    Our bike shop is located in Rockhampton and is dedicated to offering the highest quality, best value bicycles from the world's leading bicycle manufacturer. We build, test and provide professional back up service to every single Giant Bicycle that we sell.

    Big Colour Works


    Big Colour Works are once again looking after all our printing needs. Check out the HUGE start & finish banners! Thanks for making Challenge the Mountain look so good!