• Start and finish at the Great Western Hotel

    Collect a memento from each bull.

    Family Fun Day this Fathers Day!

    Live music! Buffet Breakfast! Coffee vans!

    Includes a 2.4km walk/run on closed roads.


    Cost $15 - This includes brunch. Supplied wristbands must be worn on run. These are then exchanged for your free brunch.







    This is NOT a timed race - a fun walk/run for all the family. You can choose the distance by going to one bull, two, three or all four bulls! Any combination of bulls!

    You also choose your start times!

    Let's encourage our kids to enjoy being active with their families this Father's Day!

  • Bull Loop Routes!

    Run as many or as few as you like! 2.4km to 22km! Starting venue is the Great Western Hotel!

    Great Western to Romagnola Bull at O' Shanesy Park via Fiddles St

    6:00am Start 9.4 km loop

    This fun run starts at 6:00am from the Great Western Hotel, Stanley St.

    • Stanley st left into Quay St.
    • Right into Wood st
    • Left into Denison St
    • Right into O'Connell St
    • Left into George St
    • Right into Lucus, follow to Fiddes St
    • Right into Jellicoe St to O'Shanesy Park ( Romagnola Bull) 
    • Continue along Gladstone RD  to Stanley St.
    • Right into Stanley back to the GW


    Great Western to Romagnola Bull at O'Shanesy Park via Gladstone Rd

    7:00am Start 6.14km loop via Gladstone RD

    • Starting at The Great Western, proceed along Stanley St to Gladstone RD
    • Turn Left onto Gladstone Rd till you reach O'Shanesy Park. 
    • You do NOT cross Gladstone Rd. Always stay on the lagoon side.

    Great Western to Railway bridge passing Bull at Art Gallery

    8:00am Start 6.50 km loop.

    • Running from the Great Western, Left into Quay St.
    • Along Quay to Art Gallery Bull, then continue to Railway bridge.
    • Right into Queens Park, across Moores Cr into Reaney St
    • Right up to Fitzroy St, across old bridge to Riverside Park
    • Right to Quay St, Right into Stanly, back to the Great Western for breakfast!

    Great Western to Quay St, William St turn around.

    8:00 am Start 2.4 km loop Short option.

    • Running from the Great Western, Left into Quay St.
    • Along Quay to William St turn around.